Are You Ready?: How to Prepare for an Earthquake

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    As earthquakes have struck around the world with alarming frequency, millions have realized they are unprepared for similar catastrophes close to home. Online disaster plans and older books—heavy with seismic science and a survivalist focus—leave the average reader overwhelmed with details and anxiety. How much water will I need? What if I’m driving? How do I protect my six-year-old? The questions go on—and in this book Maggie Mooney answers them. Her four-week readiness program includes straightforward instructions, forms, and checklists. Mooney explains what to expect during a quake, and what to do when the shaking stops. She also addresses both aftershocks and tsunamis.

    Use this guide and the checklists inside to get ready:

    • Find your safe spots at home, at work, at school, and outdoors.
    • Develop your emergency communication plan.
    • Shake-proof your home.
    • Assemble emergency supplies.

    By following the steps in the four-week readiness program described here you can avoid injury and ensure you have the food, water and other essentials you need to be prepared rather than scared.

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