Bug Out Bag: The Prepper Beginner’s Guide To The Ultimate B.O.B. For Survival Camping

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    How safe do you consider yourself in this ever changing world? With our limited understanding of how things work, whether in the natural world OR in human society alike, we can only predict a limited amount of disasters. But that does not mean we have to face them unprepared.

    This guide was created to help you put together the ultimate survival bag or Bug out Bag (BOB) for when events get out of hand and you need to make your escape to a safer area (OR you just want to try your hand at survival camping for a few days).

    The booklet is based on the personal experiences of a climbing and survival expert, and it is designed to help both first time preppers and more experienced ones in optimizing the content of their BOB.

    The guide contains not only a list of necessary items and their characteristics but also survival tips on packing the bag, setting up camp, getting a fire started and much more.

    To keep the bag as light as possible, all the items were considered based on their weight, functionality and durability. Both the items included and the methods described have been tested and put into practice numerous times and across different types of terrain.

    Disasters can strike at any time so be prepared and have your Bug out Bag on the ready.

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