Bug Out Vehicle: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build An Affordable and Quality Survival Vehicle To Evacuate Your Home In An Emergency Disaster Scenario

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    Figuring out how you can prepare the best possible bug out vehicle for any disaster or emergency situation can seem like a challenge, but fortunately, it is not an impossible challenge.

    Questions you must be asking yourself include:

    -What are some situations where I would need to use a bug out vehicle?
    -What qualities does a good bug out vehicle need to have?
    -What specific types of everyday vehicles are suitable for bugging out that I can afford?
    -What should I pack in my bug out vehicle?
    -What skills will I need for when I’m out on the open road?
    -How do I maintain my vehicle for the long term?

    This book is going to answer each of these questions and more to make sure that you are fully prepared to bug out on a moment’s notice when disaster strikes.

    By the end of this book, you will know how to take a normal everyday vehicle, how to equip it for bug out use, and learn the skills you need to safely drive yourself and your family out of a disaster zone during a catastrophe.

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