Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Survival:How To Plan For Family Safety

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    Food. Water. Shelter. Warmth.
    … during
    Fires. Floods. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Winter Storms. Earthquakes.
    … depend upon
    Preparation. Protection. Planning.

    AN INTRIGUING COMBINATION BOOK: The first 100 pages, many of them illustrated, tell you how to be ready, cheaply, to provide light and warmth, shelter, food, and water for your family. The last 165 pages, in the novel Neighbors, tell the story of a small group of homeowners, one of whom is a “prepper,” and the rest are simply not ready for trouble. They all have trouble even though they aren’t directly hit by weather disasters on both coasts.

    But that’s not all!

    • What disappears first from Supermarkets
    • Best barter Items and supplies
    • Twenty helpful tips from convicted burglars who know their business!
    • Looters? Schmooters! How to protect your home and family
    • Affordable ways to be ready without becoming a camo-clad survivalist.
    • And, the bonus novel, Neighbors, brings to life the value of having certain things available when shortages occur.

    “Preparation” seems to have gotten a bad name, as if those of us who prepare are just a little bit strange. That’s what my neighbors might have thought. But when power failures happen, and my house has lights and warmth, my neighbors no longer think I’m strange. I’m their best friend! Get your copy of this valuable book today and be ready for heavy weather this winter!

    And enjoy the story of a group of people who try to make it through some hard times, with the help of one neighbor who is a ‘prepper.’

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