DISASTER-PROOF YOUR HOME: Top Tips From a General Contractor

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    Flooded basements that resemble swimming pools. Houses that slide right off their foundations. Awkwardly-sized doorways, staircases and hallways. Electrical emergencies in-the-making. Weird windows. Exploded concrete…Almost four decades as a general contractor means you’ve seen it all. Plus patched it up, secured it down, shored it up, sheared it down and generally righted some strange construction wrongs.

    Too many homeowners – longtime and about-to-be – just don’t know what the main risks to their homes are and what to do about them. However, now you can learn, benefiting from 35+ years experience building homes, repairing them and disaster-proofing them.

    Butnot in a long, bogged-down-in-details textbook kind of way. Rather, DISASTER-PROOF YOUR HOME is designed to be an easy-to-read overview filled with helpful suggestions, affordable tips, and can-do ways to best prepare your home against threats like:





    Leaking Basement


    Extreme Winds

    Rats & Rodents

    Flying Debris

    Zombie Apocalypse

    Granted, some threats aren’t directly life-threatening, like a leaking basement or rat infestation, but leaving them unaddressed means that when a truly devastating event does occur – a landslide, flash flood, hurricane, tornado, superstorm or a massive earthquake – your home could compromised by weak spots. Weak spots that could have been fixed. If only you’d known.

    But now you will.

    So, by all means, gamble…in places like Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau. But when it comes to your home, be sure to put the odds in your favor.



    Jake is a general contractor with more than 35 years experience in heavy construction and concrete. He works mostly in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas, staying busy with seismic upgrades, hospitals, fire stations, schools, tilt-ups (warehouses), underground parking structures, supermarkets, movie theaters, motels, apartment complexes, housing developments, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and homes. As the founder of EcoConcreteDesign.com, he hopes to promote widespread adoption of green and earth-friendly building techniques and materials.


    Lesley is a longtime lifestyle writer, professional blogger and author of several books. She also pens the EcoConcreteDesign.com blog. She loves reading, spending time outdoors, binge-watching shows about WWII dogfights, staying sober and keeping Portland weird – and green.

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