Earthquake: How to Survive a High Magnitude Disaster (Survival)

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    What do you do when, without warning, nature’s powerful force turns against you?


    What if happens if your family survives a major earthquake but needs medical help?

    Most people think first responders will be there in hours. Wrong. It could take days.

    Will you survive? Will your family?

    In a massive disaster like a mega quake, you can only rely on one person. Yourself.

    So the million dollar question is, are you prepared?

    My short book presents all the key information and tips you’ll need to keep safe in the wake of a disaster. If you understand these concepts, your chances of survival just increased.

    How to Survive a High Magnitude Disaster

    Here’s what we cover.

    – How earthquakes happen
    – The different types possible and their devastating effects.
    – How to prepare for an earthquake
    – How to survive during and after an earthquake.
    – How to make the big decision: Do you bunker down or bug out?

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