EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse. Protect Your Family and Survive Long After the EMP (Prepping, Survival, Homesteading, Preparedness, EMP, Electromagnetic pulse)

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    An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) could happen at any time.
    Learn to Protect Your Family and Survive Long After the EMP

    An EMP is a silent, unfelt shockwave that can destroy all electrical devices it comes across. Either by natural or unnatural origins, an EMP would unravel our technological society. Cell phones, TVs, microwaves, coffee makers, cars, buses, trains, GPS, pacemakers and generators would all fail. You can prepare for an event, and this book will show you how.

    You keep a fire extinguisher in your home, even though you probably will never to need it. The fire extinguisher is a plan and peace of mind; if a fire starts you will have options. The fire extinguisher is also like insurance, paid for ahead of time in case something happens. Think of this book like your fire extinguisher; a source of insurance and peace of mind that if an EMP happens, you have a plan.

    Don’t wait to start creating a plan for your family, this book will walk you through the steps.

    • Chapter 1 What is an Electromagnetic Pulse?
    • Chapter 2 Understand How an EMP Attack Will Affect You and Your Family
    • Chapter 3 Preparing for an EMP
    • Chapter 4 Stocking Up on Supplies
    • Chapter 5 The 7 Core Survival Principles
    • Conclusion

    Available now for only $2.99!
    This book is brought to you by Modern Self-Reliance, a company committed to providing the very best homesteading and preparedness information for the modern family.
    You can check us out at: http://modernself-reliance.com/

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