Eric’s Big Book of Zombie Survival Hacks: The Best ZHTF Guide to Staying Safe from the Living Dead (Life Hacks 7)

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    Want the latest information for your fight against the rise of the undead? Zombie Survival Hacks is stuffed to the brim with helpful tips to protect you from the looming zombie apocalypse.

    Let’s face it, the previous zombie survival guides are old news. New sh*t has come to light, new technology has been developed and Eric Duck is here to bring you the latest info on preparing for zombies roaming the earth. When your old Uncle Ben and Aunt May try to bite your head off early one Sunday morning, you’ll wish that you had read this book fricken’ cover to cover.

    Read on as the author shares:

    • An overview of the dire events and your best options.
    • Know how to handle yourself in a variety of hostile situations.
    • A comprehensive breakdown of deadly weapons, vehicles, and gear, complete with their pros and cons.
    • Prepare yourself physically and mentally, including a ZHTF bag checklist.
    • Detailed info on your potential enemies, both living and undead.
    • Navigate at night or through hazardous zombie-occupied territory.

    Can’t get enough? Be sure to check out Eric Duck’s other volumes for further DIY life hacks, as well as jokes and humour to distract you from the incoming hordes.

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