Family Planning Guide: Surviving Airborne Radiation

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    Protect Your Family, Protect Your Loved Ones. Have a Plan of Action right now. If an nuclear event occurs, you may have days, hours, or a few minutes to take action. It is important for their personal safety and survival that everyone in your family knows everything in this book.

    We live in uncertain times. Terrorists may strike, nature may take its toll, and political unrest may cause conflicts. Whether it is a dirty bomb explosion, a nuclear reactor meltdown, or a nuclear bomb attack, airborne radiation or “fallout” can be a life threatening situation. Unfortunately, we now know that these events do not even have to happen in our part of the world for us to be affected. Winds might sweep airborne radiation our direction and panic will grip the population, causing shortages of everything. With the information contained in this family guide you can protect your family now, and make decisions in confidence.

    Written in simple terms by a security industry professional with years of corporate and military training experience, this family guide provides a complete handbook for even you and your relatives. At the mention of the possibility of airborne radiation or fallout, take action quickly. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions contained in this guide. Use the checklists for stockpiling necessary items. Assign checklists of various family members to complete.

    Communication is the key to success in any survival situation. This family guide discusses all of the aspects of cellular communication what phone numbers to have what codes to put into the cell phones and how to arrange rendezvous locations in the event of communication outage.

    Sections of this family guide cover such subjects as caring for the elderly, infants and pets needs during times of crisis. Learn the safest places to be in both your home and in commercial buildings. Learn how to travel across radioactive areas. And most importantly, how to plan for the physical security of your family against potential violence. Follow the checklists to have on hand all of the items required to make a tight air seal against airborne radiation.

    Also covered in this family guide is a complete discussion concerning protection against radioactive iodine I-131 using Potassium Iodide, Nascent Iodine liquid, and the proper foods to eat to increase your internal iodine level. If the supply is limited, do you know which age groups should receive Potassium Iodide first? The family guide also includes warnings concerning the fatal consequences of ingesting topical, wounded dressing, Tincture of Iodine.

    No one ever wants to use any of the skills or employ any of the techniques described in this book. The threat of airborne radiation means that somewhere the unthinkable has occurred. Since this type of catastrophic event is unpredictable, you may have weeks, days, or maybe minutes to accomplish many of the items listed in this book. Essential items such as food stores, shelter stores, and items used for emergency travel might be acquired and prepared ahead of time.

    Understand how to take action quickly. Set priorities, make decisions, and take action with confidence. Read this book and take actions right now to protect yourself and your family.

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