Food Storage on a Budget: Your Prepping Guide to Food & Water Security, Using Simple Shopping Strategies, Indoor & Outdoor Gardening, Home Food Preservation, Numerous DIY Projects, & Much More

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    You know emergency preparedness and food storage are important, but you’ve only got X number of dollars to feed you until payday, let alone buy extra. Ms. Campbell has been where you are, yet still found ways to build up a modest food surplus. In this book, she shares how she did it then, and what she’s learned since about how to achieve even greater food and water security.

    Inside this book you will find:
    – why emergency preparedness matters
    -how to start building your food storage now, even with limited funds
    – gardening & indoor gardening techniques that will expand your food storage possibilities
    – strategies to plan for long term survival and sustainable living

    Save money with DIY projects by:
    – making your own rocket stove, thermal & solar cookers, even a homemade Berkey water filter
    – building an inexpensive greenhouse
    – raising animals for food
    – home food preservation techniques
    and much more!

    You will find information you can use today, through sharing her personal experiences, numerous hyper-links to the web, including many DIY projects, and an extensive book list, all at you fingertips!

    Food storage is doable, even on a limited budget. Let this book help you start TODAY!

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