Food Storage: Prepping Food and Water for Short or Long Term Needs! (One Can Never be too Prepared)

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    Food storage and preservation has been practiced from the times of our ancestors and this book reveals how you can get started on the process. There are various methods of proper food storage you can use to ensure your food maintains its natural nutritional value and flavor and these are highlighted in the book.

    This book look at the various ways you can use to preserve meat. In addition, it also explores how you can preserve dairy products and the different techniques you can apply. The guidelines provided will help to make certain you consume clean and healthy food. Water storage is very important and has been included in the book; methods that can be used to store water both in the short and long term are discussed. The tips you can apply to carry out successful food storage are highlighted in the book.

    In an attempt to practice food storage, there are some mistakes people normally make and this book talks about them to help you either avoid them or know how to deal with them when they arise. With this book, you cannot go wrong with regards to food storage and preservation.

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