Food Supply Depot 2 person 72 hour Food Kit. NO MSG.

Product Features

  • Feeds 2 people for 72 Hours
  • 2,240 calories per person per day with a total of 13,440 calories.
  • No Hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • No MSG and easy to prepare
  • Shelf life up to 20 years from date of manufacture when stored between 60-70 degrees F.
(as of 10/18/2018 06:12 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Peace of mind in case of emergency is very valuable. Keep you and your loved one fed during an emergency with this 2-person 72-hour food kit. 2 PEOPLE | 2,240 CALORIES/PERSON/DAY | 72 HOURS 1 pouch Creamy Stroganoff 1 pouch Rio Grande Beans & Rice 1 pouch Texan Sunrise Skillet 1 pouch White Rice 2 pouches 100% Real Milk 2 pouches Artisan Oatmeal 2 pouches Nantucket Potato Soup 2 pouches Refreshing Orange 2 pouches Rotini รก la Marinara 2 pouches Southwest White Bean Chili

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