How to Prepare for and Survive a Wilderness Emergency (Doc Trout’s Survival Wisdom Series)

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    Every year, numerous outdoor enthusiasts venture into the wilderness for a day away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and yet, inevitably, some of those enthusiasts suddenly find themselves in the midst of an unexpected wilderness emergency! Therefore, anyone who chooses to venture into the wilderness should always be prepared by having the knowledge and tools needed to deal with a wilderness emergency. Consequently, in the this book consists of 13 chapters in which you will find all of the information and knowledge that you need to properly prepare for, and survive, an unexpected wilderness emergency including chapters on: • The Three Most Deadly Wilderness Mistakes • Personal Locator Beacons • Water Filters for Wilderness Survival • How to Prepare for a Wilderness Emergency • How to Choose a Survival Knife • Technical Outdoor Clothing: your portable survival shelter • Stay or Go: how to make the right decision • How to Navigate in the Wilderness • How to Build an Emergency Shelter • How to Build a Camp Fire • How to Find Water in the Wilderness • How to Obtain Food in the Wilderness • Wilderness First Aid

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