How to Stay Healthy in the Wilderness:: 30 forage foods and herbal medicines essential to wilderness wellbeing (Doc Trout’s Survival Wisdom Series Book 3)

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    If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are forced to forage for wild foods and/or herbal medicines, then the following book contains knowledge that may very well save your life. In fact, it describes 30 essential plants that you definitely need to know about and answers for each plant the five questions: What is it used for? Where do I find it? How do I identify it? How do I prepare it? Can I cultivate it in my garden? Also, each of the 30 plants described in this book were chosen specifically because they provide either essential forms of energy that serves as fuel for the human body, essential vitamins and minerals that prevent certain debilitating conditions such as Beriberi and Scurvy, or serve to replace essential health remedies that we normally keep in our medicine cabinets such as aspirin, antacid, and cough suppressant. Consequently, this book is divided into three sections and 30 chapters that describe 16 wild food sources, 4 natural sources of vitamins and minerals, and 10 plants that serve as natural replacements for the medicines people commonly keep in their medicine cabinets such as: • Dock • Wild Lettuce • Trout Lily • Jerusalem Artichoke • Hopniss • Maypop • Mayapple • Prickly Pear • Autumn-olive • Common Pawpaw • Acorns • Black Walnuts • White Walnuts • Hazelnuts • American Lotus • Morel Mushrooms • White Pine • Dandelion • Amaranth • Evening Primrose • Wild Garlic • Burdock • Echinacea • Wild Ginger • Wild Licorice • Horehound • Witch Hazel • Jewel Weed • White Willow • Opium Poppy

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