How To Survive a Nuclear Strike: (Apocalypse Survival, Nuclear Fallout)

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    How To Survive a Nuclear Strike

    It is possible that the world has never been closer to a nuclear war than it is today. Although tensions were high during the Cold War, the current era has seen a new dimension to the tactical element of nuclear warfare; the ego.

    As tensions mount between the US, it allies, North Korea, China and even Russia, it looks increasingly likely that a nuclear strike is inevitable.

    Unfortunately, any strike launched by one party will be responded to by another; it is impossible to predict just how much damage could be done in the space of just a few minutes.

    But, despite the general feeling being one of doom and gloom, it is actually possible to survive a nuclear strike. Granted, this is highly unlikely if you are within a few miles of the strike point, but any further out and you have an excellent chance of survival; providing you start preparing now.

    This book will be your guide:

    • Understand the potential threat and how it could become a reality.
    • Discover what the likely scenario is if you are not prepared for this disaster and the best course of action you can take in this instance.
    • Find out the crucial elements of any nuclear survival shelter and how to build a shelter in your back garden or basement.
    • Learn about how to stock your shelter and what to expect when the radiation levels have dropped.

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