How to Survive An Earthquake: The Simple 5 Step Plan For Disaster & Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery – Buy It Now!

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    If your family is involved in and survives a major earthquake, and you can dial 911, how long do you think it will take to get help?

    Most people think hours. In fact it could be days, if ever.

    Will you survive?  Will your family?

    Everyone wants to believe they and their families are safe. Unfortunately most people respond to the growing awareness of potential disasters by ignoring the issue and doing nothing.

    Think about this question. Have you ever had the chance to save someone’s life? If you could spend a couple hours of your time to save your own life and your whole families, would you take the time to learn something important?

    In just a few short hours it is possible to create a simple but effective earthquake plan, engage and educate your family, feel safer and be prepared. It can even be fun!

    How To Survive An Earthquake gives you a simple, 5-step plan that you can put into action in just a few hours that will make a huge difference when the next disaster hits.

    Complete with check-lists and simple (and fun) ways to get the whole family involved in preparing.

    Scroll up, click “Buy Now” and be one of the lucky ones who survives the next big disaster.

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