How To Survive An EMP Attack: The Ultimate 10 Step Survival Guide On How To Prepare For Life Before, During, and After an EMP Attack That Brings Down The National Power Grid

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    The information in this book will save your life.

    Intelligence reports and military experts have concluded long ago that an attack on the United States by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) won’t just be devastating, it might be inevitable.

    If an EMP were to burst two hundred and fifty miles over the center of the United States, it would destroy most if not all of the power infrastructure in the country from coast to coast, and send us back to the pre-electricity age within mere seconds.

    The survival rate for an EMP attack is estimated to be between just ten and twenty percent. The majority of people who die will do so from disease, starvation, dehydration, suicide, and murder.

    The power supply would not get back up and running for years. Almost all technological devices would cease working immediately.

    The production and delivery of our basic necessities, including water, food, medical items, and manufacturing will end.
    The United States will have instantly been transformed into a dark, cold, and lawless world without power. It will leave three hundred and fifty million citizens starving, dehydrated, and desperate.

    The good news, however, is you don’t have to become a victim in this horrifying scenario.

    This EMP preparedness book will teach you ten very simple and yet highly effective steps on how to prepare for life before, during, and after a future EMP attack.

    These ten steps are:

    -Step #1: What Is An EMP Attack?
    -Step #2: What Will An EMP Attack Look Like?
    -Step #3: What Do You Need To Do During An EMP Attack?
    -Step #4: The Most Dangerous Places To Be During An EMP Attack
    -Step #5: What Will Survive An EMP?
    -Step #6: Building A Faraday Cage To Protect Your Electronics
    -Step #7: Buying An Affordable EMP Proof Vehicle
    -Step #8: EMP Attack Survival Gear Checklist
    -Step #9: Moving Toward Self-Sufficiency For Life After An EMP Attack
    -Step #10: EMP Attack Questions and Answers

    This book is intended to teach anyone how to be safely and effectively prepare for an EMP disaster.

    There is much you will learn in this book, regardless of whether you are new to this subject or have researched EMP attacks already.

    So turn the page and start reading! You can keep this book as a handy reference guide for the rest of your life so you can refer back to it at any point in the future.

    Ultimately, the information in this book won’t just serve as the difference between life-and-death for you, it will for your loved ones as well.

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