Kids Emergency Kit

Product Features

  • Contains 6 tasty bars that are smaller and easier for younger kids to eat
  • Fulfills schools' requirement for earthquake kits
  • 5 year shelf life means kit can be used year after year saving money
  • Contains food, water, blanket, light stick, wipes, bandages and more
  • Crayons and activity sheet keeps kids busy during a stressful time
(as of 03/24/2019 05:42 UTC - Details)

Product Description

This Deluxe Kids Survival Kit contains a variety of delicious fruity flavored food bars in smaller, easy-to manage sizes for small hands. Kit also contains many useful items for your child to have during an emergency at school. In the event of an emergency situation this emergency kids kit will fulfill your child’s food, water, first aid and sanitation needs. Each kit includes (6) 400 calorie New Millennium food bars, (6) 4.2 oz water pouches, (1) emergency thermal blanket, (1) 12 hour light stick (1) pocket tissue pack, (3) moist towelettes, (2) antiseptic wipes, (1) emergency contact card, (1) activity sheet, (4) crayons, and (3) 1×3 plastic strip bandages.

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