Off Grid Living: Food and Drinking Water Storage: (Prepping, Survival Gear)

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    Off Grid Living: Food and Drinking Water Storage

    More people are choosing to live off of the grid these days. Off grid living is has two meanings; one meaning is to create your own power supply and live off the national grid. Then there are people who live so far off the grid that they actually supply almost everything themselves. They grow their own food, and take their lives 100% into their own hands.

    This book is more for the second kind of off the grid living. It’s the ultimate guide for how to effectively store food and water in a house, especially a house that doesn’t have a lot of resources like power to go around. With the help of this book you will:

    • Learn what you can store easily
    • Learn how to store food and water properly
    • Learn common mistakes to avoid

    Become even more proficient at off the grid living!

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