Practical Prepping (No Apocalypse Required)

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    PRACTICAL PREPPING: NO APOCALYPSE REQUIRED is a light-hearted, instructional look at practical readiness concepts that nearly ANYONE can embrace–without seriously interrupting your life or draining your bank account.

    This isn’t a book about ditching the suburbs for a heavily defended, self-sufficient compound in the mountains. We explore practical first steps YOU can take to prepare for the disasters YOU are most likely to experience. Few people want to spend an inordinate amount of time and money preparing for something that is unlikely to happen. Neither do we! No Apocalypse Required to read this book.

    Randall S. Powers and Steven Konkoly offer a layered, foundational approach that can be tailored to YOUR circumstances and motivation level. We think you’ll be surprised by how little time, effort and hard-earned cash you’ll need to put into PRACTICAL PREPPING

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