Prepper Survivalist Handbook: Emergency Homesteading and Survival Guide

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    Are you prepared for the inevitable disaster? It may come in the form of an earthquake, a tornado, or a bomb, but make no mistake about it. It will come. Recent history including Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina should teach us that when the worst happens, we cannot depend on the government. Therefore, you must depend on yourself.

    In this book you will learn:

    The best locations to seek shelter when the need arises
    Food you should be storing now
    Growing fruits and vegetables to feed your family
    Raising Livestock for long-term survival
    Caning food including pickling vegetables
    Meat preservation including bringing your own meat
    Self-defense and what to look for in survival weapons

    Do not delay! Get this book before it is too late. When the inevitable happens, you may not have Internet access to look up the information. Therefore, you need to prepare today by getting this book.

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