Prepper’s Big Collection: Find Yourself Alive With These 20 Books: (Prepper’s Guide, Prepping)

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    Prepper’s Big Collection: Find Yourself Alive With These 20 Books

    Book 1. Bug Out Bag: Best Lessons How To Create Your Ideal Bug Out Bag

    Book 2. Survival Communication: Over 25 Best Hacks to Communicate With Your Family During The Emergency Situation

    Book 3. Survival Guide: 25 Lessons On How To Go Off Grid and Disappear Without A Trace

    Book 4. Disaster Preparedness: 20 Survival Hacks How To Make Water Drinkable In Case Of Disaster

    Book 5. The Earthquake: 20 Survival Tips To Survive The Disaster

    Book 6. Emergency Evacuations: 20 Survival Tips To Get Out Fast When it Matters Most

    Book 7. EMP Attack Survival Guide: 15 Survival Strategies On How To Prepare For Life Before, During, and After an EMP Attack

    Book 8. EMP Survival Guide: 20 Lessons On How To Prepare For Life Before And Survive During and After Disaster

    Book 9. First-aid Guide: 15 Basic Medicine Lessons on How to Help Person in Case of Emergency and How to Assemble Your First-aid Kit

    Book 10. Off-Grid Guide: Top 20 Long-Lasting Foods & The Top 15 Unusual Everyday Items That Will Keep You Well-Fed After SHTF (Disaster Preparedness)

    Book 11. Survival Food Storage: 20 Best Lessons How To Store Food And Water

    Book 12. Fuel Storage For Survival: 15 Step-By-Step Lessons On How To Store Diesel, Gasoline, Propane and Kerosene For Disaster Preparedness

    Book 13. Get Home Survival Guide: Best Survival Strategies How To Get You And Your Family Home When You’re In Town During Disaster

    Book 14. Prepper’s Internet Connection: 20 Proven Tips How To Protect Yourself Online With a Memory Expert’s In-Depth Guide to Remembering Passwords

    Book 15. Knife Training Methods for Self Defense: New Lessons of Knife Fighting To Protect Your family And Yourself

    Book 16. Survival Medicine Handbook: 20 First-aid Lessons In Case Of Emergency + All Things You Should Have In Your Medicine Kit

    Book 17. Survival Medicine Kit: Gold Collection Of First Aid Skills And Medications For Your First Aid Kit

    Book 18. Survival Navigation: 20 Lessons How To Find Your Way In The Wilderness

    Book 19. Off-Grid Power: 20 Tips On How To Generate And Use Alternative Sources Of Energy At Home

    Book 20. Prepper’s Cookbook: Top 20 Easy and Tasty Survival Recipes in Mason Jars (Prepper canning, prepping)

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