Preppers Blueprint: Bug Out Bag: Build a no-nonsense survival kit to keep your family alive after a disaster or when SHTF

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    A quality bug out bag is the first item any prepper needs to put together.

    In this new series of books Bob Clark takes the reader through prepping basics.

    In an ever changing world the need to be prepared is more essential than ever before. Don’t take chances ensure that you have a bug out bag ready to go in case of disaster or when SHTF.

    In this book Bob looks at the construction of a 72 hour survival bag, know as a bug out bag. He looks at the key items that need to be included and, just as importantly, what should be left at home. The aim of the survival bag is just that. To help you and your family survive!

    This bug out bag book is ideal for any beginner and a useful reminder for every prepper that we can’t have too much knowledge on this topic!

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