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    BOOK #1: Prepper’s Hacks: 35 Outstanding Safety Survival Hacks For Surviving Disaster

    Are you, like millions of other people, drastically concerned about the way things are shaping in the world? Are you worried of the looming natural disaster, terrorist attack, martial law, grid down situation? If you are, there’s no reason to deny you aren’t. In light (or darkness) of the many global and national events that threaten people’s security, many individuals and families alike have started taking the necessary steps to preparing for the worst of the worst to happen. That means stocking up on the necessary supplies and putting plans for different scenarios in place…but it also means learning some unique skill sets, or hacks, to surviving.

    BOOK #2: Prepper’s Hacks: Outstanding Prepper’s Hacks For Surviving Volcanic Eruptions

    Volcanic activity results in an outburst of materials in life threatening proportions. A typical volcano eruption will emit rocks, gas, and ash that plumes into the earths atmosphere. The eruptions and the flow of the lava are capable of destroying lands and major cities to several miles. Even though not all the eruptions are the same, they do tend to terrify and disrupt the habitation in the surrounding regions.

    The eBook covers the following topics:

    • The way volcanoes work
    • Preparation for an eruption
    • Surviving an eruption
    • Protection and safety implementations during volcanic activity
    • Protection after an eruption

    BOOK #3: Build a Survival Safe Home: 30 Amazing Lessons on How to Build Survival Safe Home and Save Yourself from Natural Disasters

    We all know that nothing lasts forever. This also includes our current economy and modern life. A time may come in the future where we don’t have electricity or the other conveniences of life. It’s important that you have a plan for that or a natural disaster. What would you do and where would you go if your current home was demolished due a natural disaster?

    In this informative ebook, we discuss some of the best survival safe home plans that can help you survive when SHTF for any reason. Many of the ideas require little more than your sweat equity and some eco-friendly materials.

    You’ll learn:

    • How to build a home out of plastic bottles that is almost bullet proof;
    • How to make your own cement so that you can make bricks;
    • How to build a home out of cordwood;
    • How to collect rain water;

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