Prepping on a Budget Secrets: Harvest Water, Start a Fire, Make a Raft, Avoid Danger, & Food Storage Secrets for SHTF!

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    Read this prepping on a budget guide and discover…

    * How to harvest water in the wilderness.

    * How to start a fire in the wilderness with a greasy snack most people carry.

    * How to make a raft in the wilderness quickly and easily with items that are lying around.

    * How to avoid danger when society collapses and people get desperate.

    * How to start an emergency food supply.

    * How to avoid the spread of disease when SHTF.

    * Why you should stash this cheap item that will be like gold after he breakdown of society.

    * The type of food you will want to store to keep up your energy after a disaster.

    * A simple system to make sure your prepper pantry food never goes bad.

    …and many more prepping on a budget secrets!

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