Rambo Moe’s 30 Day Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing for the Inevitable Rise of the Dead

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    In 30 days, Rambo Moe from preparedforthat.com will turn you, a frumpy lump of gooey softness, into a zombie-slaying warrior. He has spent a lifetime learning all of the skills needed to survive the zombie apocalypse, and has created this program to pass the knowledge onto you.

    Some of the highlights in this veritable survival encyclopedia are:

    -How to create the ultimate stockpile of goods to supply you with everything you need
    -The right (and the wrong) weapons to rely on
    -How to turn your home into a fortress
    -Fun topics like how to hot wire cars, how to siphon gas, and how to pick locks
    -A crash course in CPR and first aid
    -How to scavenge for supplies… the right way
    -How to clear a building… the way SWAT teams do
    -All the skills you need to survive in the wilderness
    -A long term survival plan, including how to garden, raise animals, and barter like a pro
    -50+ appendix articles that cover how to make everything from candles, to pepper spray, to solar water filters and even your own hydroponics system.

    This program will give you the strength and peace of mind that comes with knowing you can handle ANYTHING that comes your way.

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