Safe House: Build and Manage Your Secure Survival Home: Critical Survival, Prepping, Home Security) (Prepper Survival, Safe House, Preppers Guide Book 1)

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    Safe House:

    Build and Manage Your Secure Survival Home

    If, for just a couple of minutes, we think too far in the future, with all the technology advances and developments, it seems that our future will look more like a science-fiction movie. Does this scare you? Even if you are just slightly concerned about this, our survival instinct is so strong that even when we are only imagining possible catastrophes, we immediately start thinking how to survive and how to overcome the tough times.
    During the Cold War, countries built shelters, the so-called bunkers, for their high-ranking officials. These bunkers were usually built within the confines of buildings or erected underground. The structure of these shelters was so strong that it could handle not only a nuclear blast but also the ensuing radiation fallout.
    You can find many companies that manufacture such shelters but most of the time, these are expensive, and let’s be honest, we can’t afford them. Luckily, you can build your own shelter on a small budget. It is a complex project, but this book will make it easier for you. The process is broken down into smaller steps that will help you develop your idea into a true shelter that will keep your family safe. So, you will first learn how to choose the perfect location for your shelter and how to start designing it. Moreover, you will learn about the elements such as dimensions of the space, position of rooms or smaller areas of the shelter, materials, air filtration, and ventilation. And, there is one bonus chapter for you where you will find out about some effective ways to protect from radiation if and when a disaster happens.

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