SHTF Root Cellar: Discover DIY Hacks and strategies on food storage and creating your own natural refrigeration

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    Uncover timeless methods about natural refrigeration and food storage!

    Are you looking for a way to reliably provide for your family in case of a local or global catastrophe? If you can sense the way the wind is blowing and want to be prepared with a well preserved stockpile of food in the event of a worst case scenario then SHTF Root Cellar: Discover DIY Hacks and Strategies on Food Storage and Creating Your Own Natural Refrigeration contains the complete list of tips and tricks you need to ensure that your root cellar is ready for anything.

    The idea of storing perishable foods underground was first conceived of by the people of Australia more than 40,000 years ago and before modern refrigeration curtailed the practice it was used regularly up until the early 1900s. In this book you will find the secrets of using a root cellar effectively and building the most efficient storage space possible that the human race has perfected over thousands of years. What’s more, you will find detailed build instructions for three different types of root cellar to ensure that there is a type perfect for any situation. You will also find a number of alternative refrigeration practices for when you need a temporary cooler on the go.

    Inside you will find

    •A quick and easy method for turning a metal garbage can into an impromptu root cellar
    •A breakdown of which foods you want to store together and which ones you never do
    •The best way to turn part of your basement into a root cellar
    •And more…

    So don’t delay scroll up and get your copy today!

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