Something about zombies and survival (Extended edition): History, causes and survival during the zombie apocalypse

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    Something about Zombies and Survival
    History, causes and survival during the zombie apocalypse

    This is my seven survival book
    It’s about zombies, zombie apocalypse and the ability to survive during this momentous event.
    Surviving during the apocalypse disturbs a huge number of people around the world. Of course, it will be better if such a catastrophe never happens.
    But what should we do if it does happen?
    In this book, I will talk about the possible causes of the zombie apocalypse, as well as how you should act in the first days after the disaster.
    By the way, at the same time you can learn how to restore civilization.
    And of course, in the practical part are some tips and recommendations for individual survival in a zombie apocalypse.

    So – read and enjoy!


    Theoretical part
    The first zombies
    Why do not zombies survive long?
    Causes of the zombie apocalypse
    What if you are an ordinary person?
    A few homemade things to survive
    The most stupid beginner’s mistakes
    How to restore civilization after the apocalypse

    Practical part
    Survival in an autonomous existence
    Some features of survival
    Materials for tents
    Backpack and other tricks
    Survival and food in the forest

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