Survival Food Storage: 20 Best Lessons How To Store Food And Water

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    20 Best Lessons How To Store Food And Water

    Have you thought about what you would do if a disaster hit today? Many people do not even consider the possibility or live with the simple philosophy that it either won’t happen or that the government will take care of them.

    Unfortunately both statements are not true. It could happen, natural disasters happen every year and people are left to survive on their own for at least the short term. With the massive number of tensions across the world it is something that could also happen on a much larger scale which could have devastating effects.

    The solution is to start preparing today; food and water are the most important ingredients for survival and you need to start stockpiling them. In essence this is simple; get food with long dates and store it in your cupboards. Add some bottles of water and you’re done!
    However, if you want the food and water to still be useable when you need them you need to read this book and learn the right way to store food and water for the long term.

    This book covers:

    • An intro to why storing food and water is essential, including the most likely scenarios and the three most important things for survival.
    • 10 lessons regarding how to store your food so that it will last.
    • 10 lessons regarding long term water storage and what factors you need to be aware of

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