Survival Food Storage: How To Build Root Cellar To Storage Food As Long As Possible

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    Survival Food Storage:

    How To Build Root Cellar To Storage Food As Long As Possible

    Root cellars and food storage rooms are wonderfully useful things. Not only can you store your fresh produce in a root cellar, you can also use these rooms for shelter in the event of certain kinds of disasters.

    It’s always good to be prepared and, if you’re not looking for long-term food storage, but a place to keep your fresh fruits and vegetables, learning how to make your own root cellar can be a valuable tool.

    If long-term food storage is more up your alley, we’ll be covering that too.

    In this book, you’ll find 50 tips on how to transform an existing basement room into a root cellar or dry-food storage area and even tips on getting one of your own built.

    The situations we will cover together are

    Chapter 1 – General Tips for Both Root Cellars and Food Storage Rooms
    • Make a budget
    • Stick to your budget
    • The difference between a root cellar and a food storage room
    • Deciding which type of food storage area best fits your needs
    • To build new, or use an existing room?
    • What to put in a root cellar, and what to put in a food storage room
    • Non-food items that may be useful in either area
    • Adjusting to include livable space
    • Keeping things accessible
    • How to maximize the space you have

    Chapter 2 – Root Cellars (building)
    • Picking a spot
    • Finding the right size for your needs
    • What kind of internal climate you’ll want
    • Accessibility
    • Ventilation
    • Placing and arranging your produce
    • How to make your produce last longer
    • How to stay comfortable if you need to spend an extended period of time in your root cellar
    • Planning for your family’s needs
    • The drawbacks of building your own root cellar

    Chapter 3 – Root Cellars (remodeling an existing space)
    • Picking the right room
    • What to remove
    • Providing external ventilation for your existing space
    • Maximizing your space
    • Keeping things accessible
    • What modifications (other than ventilation) may be required
    • Keep an eye on your produce
    • Making a comfortable space to accommodate you and your family
    • Things to avoid bringing into a root cellar
    • Rotating your produce

    Chapter 4 – Food Storage Room (building)
    • Picking a spot
    • How big to make it
    • Perks of connecting it to your house
    • Perks of having a standalone food storage area
    • Is ventilation necessary for a food storage room?
    • On materials
    • Non-essential, but convenient things to include
    • Protecting your food stores from insects and rodents
    • Making it livable
    • What to store for later and what to eat now

    Chapter 5 – Food Storage Room (remodeling an existing area)
    • What type of room works best
    • How this renovation differs from that of a root cellar
    • Rotating your dry and canned goods
    • Making the most of the space that you have
    • What kind of shelving to use
    • Building up your food storage
    • Does it really matter which side of the house?
    • Extra things you’ll need
    • Things you may be able to include in a food storage room that you wouldn’t be able to have in a root cellar
    • Rationing

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