SURVIVAL GUIDE!: Bug In, Hunker Down: Survive the First Three Weeks of an Apocalypse (Outdoor Camping Survival Skills Field Guide Bug Out Bag Prepping ) (Survival Skills Guide Book 3)

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    Survivalist! Bug-In Hunker Down

    How to Survive the First Three Weeks of an Apocalypse

    The threat from terrorism looms before you. Peak oil is a real possibility. The economy collapses and disease runs rampant. You need to know how to survive on your own — with your courage, your wits and a bit of skill..

    In Bug In, Hunker Down: How to Survive the First Three Weeks of an Apocalypse, Jack Gunnar takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know to survive in any of these disaster situations – and more.

    They say that the first three weeks are the most difficult to survive, but this handy guide will prepare you for every eventuality. You’ll learn how to organize food and water supplies, secure your housing, and even prepare for bartering with other survivors.

    This is the must-have guide for any survivalists, preppers, or anyone who just wants to learn a few survival skills. This book will equip you with everything you need to know – and it might just end up saving your life.

    Some of the things you will learn from Bug In, Hunker Down:

    • How to survive weeks, even months, alone or in small communities without the help of government
    • How to store and hide important supplies to keep them away from human predators
    • Knowing when and how to bug in vs bugging out
    • How to properly store water for short and long bug-ins
    • How to ascertain best actions based on immediate threats – weather, war, natural disasters, etc.
    • How to choose items for bartering with neighbors and allies
    • And much more…

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