Survivalist Magazine Issue #16 – Homesteading

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    When times get tough and it’s a mathematical certainty that they will, homesteading will become the new reality for those who choose to survive. In this issue you will learn the necessary tools and skills needed to prepare for the what’s to come. Packed full of tips and techniques, this issue can enrich your life now by empowering you to be more self-reliant today!

    Table of Contents:
    What is Homesteading? – Randy Augsburger
    Livestock for Survival – “Sasquatch” Steve
    Bushcraft Butcher’s Block – David Lawton
    The Stocked Fish Pond – David Durieux
    Reap What You Sow – Tristan Grey
    Double Your Family’s Nutrition – Lucinda Bailey
    Start Your Own Seed Bank – Lucinda Bailey
    Say No to GMO – Melonie Kennedy
    Winterizing Your Garden – Cherise Smith
    Basics of Bushcraft Cooking – Marty “Moose” Magnusson
    Hearty Homesteading Soup – Gramma Rebec
    The Underground Oven – Harold Gocke
    Iron Skillet Apple Pie – Gramma Rebec
    Dutch Oven Bread – Gramma Rebec
    Seasoning Cast Iron Cookery – Kevin Wixson
    Identifying Underground Water – Bob Sharp
    Hand-Digging a Well – Bryson James
    Rainwater as a Resource – David Durieux
    Emergency Hydration – Matt Brasik
    Changing Personal Hygiene Habits – Shaun Walters
    Primitive Farming – Mark Bunch
    Cash Crops for an Economic Collapse – Joshua Lapeer
    Pack Animals for Progress – Shaun Walters
    Hand-Washing Laundry – Allie Albright
    Lye Soap for Laundry and Dishes – Allie Albright
    Doing the Dirty Dishes – Gramma Rebec
    Building an Ash Hopper – Robert Wilson
    Homemade Crockery and Utensils – Stephanie Strickland
    The Survival Seamstress – Mable Johnson
    Alternate Pressing Methods – Sally Sokolowski
    Patchwork for Preppers – Samantha Fender
    Disposing of Out-House Wastewater – Randy Augsburger
    Developing Relationships for Disasters – “Halo” James
    Chest Congestion Remedy – Mabel Johnson
    Agenda 21: The Federal Sustainable Development Format – Michael Wayne
    Protecting Your Property – Kevin Wixson
    Saying Hello with a Shotgun – David Lawton
    Crop and Livestock Protection – Stephanie Strickland
    Self-Reliant Self-Defense Animals – John Mulvaney
    Adapting Habits for the Coming Dim Ages – James C. Jones
    Moonshine and Machinery – Tristan Grey
    Pedal Power – Nicholas Meade
    The Importance of Heating and Cooling – James Jones
    Sun Ovens – Bryson James
    Crayon Candles – Carson Tuttle
    Animal Lard Lighting – Kevin Wixson
    Bow Drillin’ and Fire Makin’ – Larry G. Bethers

    And More…

    This Kindle edition is a direct reproduction of articles from the highly sought after print magazine. Only design graphics and ads have been removed for compatibility for all Kindle devices. Survivalist Magazine is the most respected resource for prepping and self-reliance!

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