Tactical Pen for Self Defense – Best Concealable Survival Tool for Men & Women – Military Grade Tactical Gear – Black Finish, Maximum Strength by Honeydew

Product Features

  • Features include a rounded spike glass breaker tip with maximum impact capacity, lightweight design with pocket clip for easy-to-carry portability, military grade metal design, and conveniently equipped with a high-yield black ink pen tool.
  • CONCEALABLE Lightweight Design - Styled to appear as if it's an ordinary black pen to an outsider, making it the most concealable secret hidden survival and safety tool. Ergonomically designed for easy wielding with a comfortable grip. Neutral in color with a black design rendering it both male and female friendly.
  • Self Defense Tool + Smooth Ink Pen: A great overall multi-tool packed with features that make it optimum for both self-defense and convenience. Long lasting black ink cartridge pre-installed for a smooth writing experience on-the-go with a screw-top design to maximize ink preservation.
  • 60 Day Warranty Included. Non lethal classification for full legal conformity as a carriable item in public.
  • Machined out of the highest strength military grade aluminum rated for its incredible corrosion resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures and tensile stress. Hardened glass breaker rounded spiked tip is more effective than a standard knife in the event where breaking glass is necessary.
Price: $10.99
(as of 12/14/2018 12:04 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Multi-Purpose Spike Tip Tactical Self Defense Pen
It’s never worth sacrificing quality and durability in selecting a self defense tool for purchase – Tactical+ premium choice Tactical Pen is crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum endurance, is light in weight and serves as the best Tactical Pen option available. The rounded spike tip functions as a multi tool, allowing for faster access through glass in case of emergency, or as a striking tip. The smooth design provides a tight grip to ensure maximum force is transferred through the tip for maximum impact.

Boost Confidence with Concealable Protection
Both men and women can utilize the benefits of carrying this military grade tactical pen for self defense. Reduce your worry when moving through enclosed in spaces or in the wild. Doubles in functionality with its capacity to serve as a regular writing pen, which makes it the perfect self defense tool to keep on hand at all times.

Our Tactical Pen for Self Defense
•Crafted out of maximum strength, military-grade material
•Lightweight and easy to carry for men & women alike
•Corrosion resistant and impact resistant
•Highly concealable black design, safe to carry in all areas
•Functions well for writing with a screw-top design to maximize ink preservation
•Great multi tool survival gift

The Tactical+ Protection Guarantee
Tactical+ (a Honeydew Products Brand) is committing to making the world a safer place by providing the highest quality and most effective personal protection devices. Feel secure in your purchase with the knowledge that by purchasing a product distributed by Tactical+, your expectations in durability, security and durability are to be met without exception – money-back guaranteed.

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