The Prepper’s Pantry – Building and Thriving on Food Storage

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    Our Very Survival Was Once Dependent on Our Ability to Store Food.
    There is something deep within human nature that calls us to put up food. An inner whisper, borne from thousands of years of dependence on seasonal food. For eons, our survival depended on food storage. That day may come again.
    The Prepper’s Pantry explains the “what” and “how-to” of food storage and also includes over 200 recipes for preparing hot, delicious meals from food storage.
    • What and how much to store for your family.
    • Preparing fruits, vegetables, and meats for long-term storage.
    • Storing food in mason jars, #10 cans, plastic buckets, root cellars and vacuum sealed bags.
    • Cooking with no power using a Dutch oven, rocket stove, wonder oven or solar oven.

    No matter what the disaster; job loss, earthquake, pandemic, power outage, the end of the world as we know it, The Prepper’s Pantry gives you the peace of knowing you will be able to feed
    your family.

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