The SHTF Skills: Emergency Navigation, Water Filtration And Fire Starting Without Matches

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    The SHTF Skills: Emergency Navigation, Water Filtration And Fire Starting Without Matches

    BOOK #1: 7 Proven Methods for Water Purification & Filtration (Water Purificaion Book)

    You will hopefully learn about water filtration to have several ideas on how to look at particular common resources in a way that makes your mind align those resources into ways to engineer a water filter– should the time of need ever arise.

    You’ll also learn some important chemical properties and characteristics of water that will give you a much finer perspective on what it is and how it gets contaminated– and how it can be cleaned.

    You’ll understand the design of how to construct water-filters based on performance to meet your needs. You’ll also consider multiple ways of delivering clean water in an absolute pinch using nothing but a rag or a shirt!

    You will know a lot more about water filtration than the common individual who’s out there walking the street. As a result of that knowledge, you may be able to save their lives– or your life with a simple practice of primitive engineering.

    You are now much more fit for survival than before; dirty water significantly lowers life-expectancies and life-spans. Heavily contaminated water can kill you in a matter of weeks with an illness. And no water at all can kill you in a matter of days.

    You will know how to avoid that. You are much more able to survive now.

    BOOK #2: 25 Proven Methods For Starting Fires Without Matches (Starting Fire Book)

    Fire is one of the most essential tools that humans have, but what do we do when we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have matches or a lighter? This book details numerous ways to start a fire without the use of matches and various other fire-building skills that can be crucial if you’re caught out in the wilderness. Whether you’re working on survival skills, or simply wanting to ensure that your next camping trip won’t be cold and dark, this book holds simple techniques that will help you stay nice and cozy warm.

    The 25 methods can be dangerous and most should only be used in an absolute survival situation, however preparing yourself with knowledge is one of the best preparations that you can make.

    It has been fun and interesting to research and write this book for you, and I hope that you’ve found it helpful. May your nights in nature be warm and safe.

    BOOK #3: 11 Essential Survival Skills for Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass.(Navigation Emergency Book)

    This book has outlined many of the techniques you can used when you are lost to always find your direction or ‘lost-proof’ yourself. You can use the cheesy techniques such as using magnetized needles floating on water, or using a watch as a sun dial– but that isn’t really necessary.

    Regardless of your method of navigation; there are plenty of these techniques here in this book that you can use to find your way.

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