The Strategic Prepper: 20 Survival Lessons Of Cheap Bugout Proof Prepping

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    20 Survival Lessons Of Cheap Bugout Proof Prepping

    Have you thought about preparing for a disaster? If you have but have not yet started then it is highly likely that you are thinking it is just too expensive.

    Fortunately this is not the case! There are many things which you can do to prepare for when SHTF without having to blow, your monthly or yearly salary!
    In fact, the best preppers will adapt their weekly spends to ensure that a little is spent on prepping every week. There are two benefits to this:

    By completing the process every week you will constantly be building your supplies and extending the amount of time you can survive. It will become effortless as you will not even need to think about it!

    By adding just a few dollars to your weekly budget you can afford to prepare for bug out proof prepping. It is a surprisingly cheap option; especially if you evaluate your current monthly outgoings and adjust them!

    This book will help to guide you through the maze of preparation and ensure you are ready to face any disaster. You will learn the following twenty survival lessons for cheap bug out proof prepping:

    • The Right Mindset
    • Food Lessons
    • The importance of a water supply
    • Preparing your shelter
    • Securing your premises
    • Generating electricity
    • Evaluating finances and why this is important!
    • Equipment and the seven essential lessons to ensure you have all you need!
    • The importance of assessment and a host of other important considerations.

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