The Survival Food Handbook – A Prepper’s Long-Term Food and Storage Guide to Keep Your Family Alive If Everything Goes Wrong

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    We are a culture fascinated by catastrophe, disaster, or everything going wrong, indicated by the proliferation of disaster- and zombie-themed entertainment over the past few decades. As a result, the unrealistic portrait of a survivalist discourages the average family from taking the simple, less glamorous contingency plans and procedures for disaster readiness.

    This concise and thorough guide presents—through its valuable information and clearly explained methodology—a case for the average individual or family to begin, plan, and implement procedures in response to any catastrophic event. Below are some questions you may know the answers to, but have never taken the time to ask yourself:

    1.Where will you most likely be when a powerful hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster hits?
    2.How much water does the average person require per day for drinking and sanitation?
    3.What is the only way to make saltwater drinkable?
    4.Under what conditions should you evacuate your home?

    The Survival Food Handbook encourages readers to ask themselves these important questions, and offers practical solutions and answers to each of them, regardless of how obvious the answers or solutions may seem.

    The Survival Food Handbook shows you the simple steps to ensuring you and your family may be nourished and protected for as long as possible in the event that everything goes wrong. Whether you are a young single male forced to trudge it on your own, or a retiree couple with limited mobility, there is useful, applicable information within this handbook to provide the best approaches to long-term food storage and preparation.

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