Underground Shelter For Survival: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide On How To Plan, Build, and Stockpile An Underground Shelter To Protect Your Family During Societal Collapse

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    Seek Shelter. These two words resonate with many and, in some ways, have become the basis of why we do what we do. Though much of our preparedness plans seek to shelter us in a less literal way the basis of the phrase still holds true.

    We shelter ourselves from starvation and dehydration with food storage and water catchment. We shelter ourselves from violence with things like guns and martial arts. We shelter ourselves from ignorance by consuming truthful and forward thinking news.

    What about truly sheltering ourselves inside an underground shelter for survival?

    For those who live in tornado alley an underground shelter is a necessity. If you have an F5 tornado bearing down on you its imperative that you have a place underground to stay safe. Otherwise you will be beat to death by debris or crushed under the falling structure.

    Let’s consider today’s volatile world for a moment. What place does an underground shelter have in your own personal preps? You see, there are many ways that a shelter can be used. It doesn’t have to be a tomb that your family climbs into and stays in for 6 months while the world falls apart above. No. The underground shelter can be utilized in many circumstance. We all have terrible thoughts about even short term martial law. Imagine escaping for a week to your underground shelter and avoiding the jackboot of the federal government.

    In this book, we are going to discuss owning an underground shelter of your own. We will take the process from choosing a location all the way to outfitting and maintaining that shelter. There will be some tough decisions to make in between but you will find that choosing materials and laying out the internals of your shelter can be rewarding.

    The specific subjects that we are going to cover include the following:

    1. Choosing Location
    2. Choosing Materials
    3. DIY or Outsource?
    4. Layout
    5. Amenities and Resources
    6. Stocking the Shelter
    7. Developing Your Process
    8. Maintaining the Shelter

    The underground shelter offers you another option in times of disaster. Whether we are facing a passing fit of civil unrest or even a bombardment from another nation in times of war the underground shelter can serve you as a short-term solution as well.

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