Water Storage For Survival: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On How To Collect, Purify, and Store Clean Drinking Water For Disaster Preparedness

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    Water storage is one of the most essential aspects of emergency preparedness. Without adequate water supplies, your chances of survival are drastically decreased in a disaster. Your water needs will depend on several factors like your age, the climate in your area, and your activity level. You will also need water for bathing, food preparation, and washing dishes. Pets will also need water in an emergency.

    In this book, you’ll learn more about the best water storage methods. We’ll cover:

    – How much water you should realistically stockpile and the safest ways to store it
    – How to collect water when your supplies start to run low
    – How to collect rain water and how to find other water sources, both in the city and in the wild
    – Water purification and the best ways to make sure your water is clean to prevent illness

    As you work through each chapter, take time to make notes on the supplies you will need and the methods you want to incorporate in your journey towards emergency preparedness. By the time the book is finished, you’ll have the knowledge you need to tackle water storage, collection, and purification with confidence, even during a disaster.

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