Weapons: Homemade Survival Weapons and Tools: How to Create Basic Weapons for Hunting, Fishing and Self-Defense (Homemade Weapons and Tools Book 3)

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    How To Create Basic Weapons For Hunting, Fishing, And Self Defense

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if…

  • You could not rely on modern technology to obtain food?
  • You had to create fishing and hunting tools from scratch?
  • Your family was counting on you to protect them?
  • Survival Guide: Homemade Weapons and Tools

    This is a short book that was written for anyone with an interest in making their own weapons for hunting, fishing, and self defense when surviving in the wild.

    All eight of the weapons described in this e-book can be made inexpensively and easily, both for the die-hard survivalists, and the average camper who wants to be able to catch their own food and protect themselves if necessary.

    As you’ll learn, there are many different make weapons for hunting, fishing, and self defense.

    Take advantage of our Amazon Survival Bonus located after the conclusion!

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