Your Home Fallout Shelter: How To Ensure Your Family’s Health & Survival In A Nuclear Incident (Dr. “B”s Radiation Series Book 2)

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    When a nuclear attack or disaster occurs, most people assume they’ll just head to the nearest public shelter.Unfortunately, public shelters no longer exist – the government got out of the citizen-protection business 40 years ago when it came up with the Mutually Assured Destruction concept. If you want to survive with your health intact, you must take control of your own survival plans.

    Dr. “B” wrote this book so you and your family can plan for survival in your own home. You will learn how to construct your own fallout shelter inside your home, what foods to stock and why, and how to deal with heat and humidity problems. You will learn how to monitor your shelter with your radiation meter and stay safe, along with how to keep records of each person’s radiation exposure. Don’t count on FEMA or anyone else from the government.The physics of radiation has not changed in the past 40 years despite what the so-called experts want you to believe. You can survive if you take action now.

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