Zombie Killing 101: Tactics of the Single Blade (Zombie Decimation Team)

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    The Zombie Apocalypse: Credible threat? The Center for Disease Control doesn’t think so. That’s why I’m prepared, and you should be too.

    Take your first step to becoming a zombie killing badass. Train in the skills used by the Zombie Decimation Team (Z.DE.T.) to prepare for the ultimate in extreme zombie carnage.

    This manual starts you out with the essential zombie killing information needed to slice, dice, and smash zombies at will. Learn to use the single blade effectively to end zombies without becoming a zombie chew toy. Move like poetry as you lop off zombie heads and dance to the sound of their eradication. Be the one to defend your friends and family from impending destruction.

    Join the team today, and when the time comes, unleash your zombie killing fury!

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